Spring 2015
Summer 2014


Welcome to Year 1/2’s page!

We are a very enthusiastic class and approach our lessons with a desire to learn. We live out our school motto ‘May Christ Be Seen in Us’  through demonstrating our excellent manners, friendships and the respect we show to others.

We have really enjoyed our topics during the first half term. Our science question to investigate was: ‘Why are humans not like tigers?’

We enjoyed learning about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores and thinking about what needs domesticated animals have.

We have also enjoyed answering the question ‘What has changed since my grandparents were young?’

During our research we discovered that much has changed and we were particularly surprised by the lack of home computers and mobile phones during our grandparents’ childhoods.

Over the next few months we will be answering the following questions:-

What happened on November 5th?

What would Dora the Explorer/Ben Ten find exciting about Stockton?

We always try to give our best effort in all of our work and are keen to learn as much as we can about these questions and those we will answer later in the year.

Every Friday Mr Mansell selects an ‘awesome’ worker to receive a prize from the prize box, he likes it best when there are so many ‘awesome’ workers that it’s nearly impossible for him to choose!

What happens when?
Our P.E day is Thursday and as the weather worsens will be taught in the school hall.

Spellings are handed out on a Friday and tested the following Friday (except when at Mass).

Reading Books are changed on a Tuesday and Friday, we ask that parents make a small comment in the reading record after listening to their children read.

Homework is usually handed out on a Friday and is collected in on a Tuesday.

How can I help my child?
As the class teacher I appreciate all of the support you give your children at home. If you are able to listen to them read regularly and can offer support with their homework I am certain you will be very proud of the progress your children will make.