Sports Blogs 2018/19


Year 3/4 Football Competition

On  Friday 8th February we were all excited because we were going to a football league. We went in school and got ready straight away.  It was a cold and tiring journey  to Stockton town football club for most of us it was a first experience. Eventually we arrived. We were ready for our first game

On our first game we played against a team who were wearing blue and a touch of yellow on their kit. The first squad was


Oscar        Daniel         Aiden


Olly        Jack


Oscar scored first Olly scored next then Daniel scored last we won 3-0. In our second game we lost 2-1 against Hartburn.  Oscar scored our only goal and it was a great goal. In the third  game we won 1-0 against Crooksbarn  and Daniel scored our only toe poke goal. In our fourth game it was 1-0 against a team who wore blue strips. Kalim scored a fairly good goal. In our fifth game we played  a team called Crooksbarn 2 and we won 7-0. In our final game we were against a team who had a very good goalkeeper but luckily Kalim managed to back heel it to Daniel who slotted it home for St Pats’ last goal of the league. We all had lots of fun and we finished second out of 7 teams.

By: Olly, Ethan, Daniel, Jack, Oscar


Football Tournament – 22nd January

On Tuesday 22nd January, three of our football teams went to Stockton Town’s pitch to play a tournament.  When we arrived, we had ten minutes to train and warm up before the event began.

Firstly, the second team played, but lost their first game 2-0.  However, we came back strong and won our next two games 3-0 and 2-1 and drew our final match. Altogether it was a successful time and we came third with seven points.

Now the third time, unfortunately they lost their first and second games, but won their penultimate game.  Sadly, they lost their last game and finished with three points.

The first team started the afternoon with a win over the 3rd team, followed by a win over St Pats Thornaby without conceding a goal. Our unbeaten run continued as we beat St Bede’s and Christ the King.  This meant we had qualified for the semi-finals where we luckily won 1-0 thanks to a well-executed header.  In the final we would play against St Bede’s.  Despite having a goal disallowed, another header won the game for us.

At the end there were joyous scenes, when the second and third team ran onto the pitch to join in the celebrations.  It was a great afternoon enjoyed by all!


Football Tournament – December 1st

On December 1st the football team went to Hartlepool for the next round of the cup. After watching Hartlepool get robbed in the last few minutes, it was our turn to take to the pitch. We were training ad nerves were kicking in. Kick off, when we won the toss, there was a buzz from all of the fans. 2:30 mins gone a long-range strike from Miller give us the lead. After a few nervy minutes which included there no.9 getting in behind, a free kick in our own half from Joseph gave us some breathing space. HT 2-0.  3 more goals came before our opponents got a goal back, but any signs of a comeback went out the window as the 5 goal back was regained with some amazing goals from all over the pitch. FT 7-1 the next round is on our minds as we are looking to fit in training sessions when we can.


Football Tournament – Seaton Domes

On Monday 20th December, the y5/6 football team went to the Seaton domes for a tournament. After 30 minutes of hard training, we started off with a game against St. Bede’s which resulted in a comfortable 2-0 with goals from Joseph and a long range strike from Miller. After the second game we were in a run of games without conceding and scoring 2+ goals which would go through to the second last game, the score was 3-0. The game after kept up the run with a 3-0 win other our closet competition. Then a 4-0 win with Stevie bagging a hat-rick. After that Stevie scored another hat-rick which was vital in a 3-0 win. Then our 2+ goal run came to an end with a 1-0 win in our final group game.

Now was crunch time we found that we won our group with 18 points. In the final we would face Klavarin to go through to the next round. After taking the lead and adding a second, Klavarin strook back with a tidy finish to and our run of clean sheets. Luckily, 2 more goals felt to of wrap up the game, but there was still time for a second from our opponents after a penalty, full time 4-2 and we are to go to play at the super six stadium on December 1st


Tag Rugby

On Tuesday 9th October 2018, a group of people went to a tag rugby event at Billingham rugby ground. We were all ready to show the public what we were made of.

Our first game was against St Joseph’s  (Billingham) they were a very good team and we found ourselves with a game lost. Our next two games were both losses. In our group, we came 4th place.

We then played a mini tournament with the other 4th place teams and we came out with a loss and a draw. Even though we lost, we all had a fun time. Thank you to Mr Reid for taking us and helping us while we were down.

by Miller 


Cross Country

On Monday 8th October a number of pupils from St Patrick’s school went to Preston Park to compete in a cross country event.  The race, which was for children between years 4-6, was two miles long.
Overall, we did very well. Out of the twelve children that competed, four managed to progress to the next round which is at Stewart’s Park.
Well done to all those who competed.
By Jessica and Jennifer


Tag Rugby Competition

On Monday 17th September some of the year 6 children went out to Northshore Academy were they competed in a tag rugby tournament against eight schools.

There were three group matches and if you finished first or second you progressed to a semi-final. We won our first and second game very narrowly.  In one of the games we scored the winning try in the last moment of the game which meant that we won 3-2. This was a huge challenge, but with a great team we overcame this and came first in our group meaning we had qualified for the semi-finals.

In the semi-final we played against Frederick Nattrass.  It was another close game which came down to whoever scored the next try progressed to the final. They dashed though our line of defence and scored the winning try which meant we lost. We then played in a third and fourth place playoff against Crooksbarn, who were our first opponent in the group stage, so we knew what there up and down sides were. We won the game 5-3 and finished 3rd overall. With glowing faces, we shook hands and got on the bus and knew we had qualified for the next round of the competition.

Written by Jessica and Jennifer