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On Monday 9th of September 2019. A group of people went to a cross country event at Grangefield School. We were all ready to show the local area what we could do. At first, we did a quick warm up and then, it was time for the Y3/4 boy race one of our St Patricks boys, Joe, came 1st in the race. Then it was Y3/4 girls race one of our Y4 girls, Isla, came 3rd in the race.

Next it was the Y5 boy and girls race, Neve came first out of St Patricks and Jack came 5th out of the boys. Finally it was the Y6 race for the girls and boys. Out of the girls Izzy came 4th, out of the boys Max came 2nd in the race. After that we all had a big drink of water which cooled us down a lot, we were exhausted and wanted to get back.



Ben “It was mint, I can’t wait for the next round”

Jack “It was amazing”

Lola “I loved it”

Rosie “It was so fun”

Max “I’m glad I came 2nd”


By Lola and Rosie



Sports Blogs 2018/19