Reception – Mrs Clarke

Welcome to Mrs Clark’s Reception class page.

We are a busy and hard-working class who like to have fun as we learn. We try to live by our school motto ‘May Christ Be Seen In Us’ by following our class rules; being kind and helpful and always trying our best in everything we do.

What are we learning about?
Maths: This term we will learn to recognise and write our numbers to 10 and then 20. We are also practising our 1:1 counting and finding numbers that are 1 more or 1 less than a given number.
Sounds: This term we will focus on learning to read and write our letter sounds and then move on to reading and writing simple cvc words using the sounds we have learnt.

What happens when?
Show and tell is on Monday.
PE is on Friday.
Homework is given out on Monday and returned the following Monday.

How can I help my child?
Share story books and read with your child every day.
Play with letters: make them out of dough, bricks, or even use magnetic letters and stick them on the fridge.
Play I-spy when you go out – use the sound the letter makes, rather than its name.
Practise counting – you can do this anywhere: count toys, books, how many buses you see when you go out.
Play hide and seek – good practice for counting.
Do a jigsaw together – a fun way to develop spatial awareness and matching skills.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Clark and Mrs Husband