Addendum to CP-Policy-due-to-COVID-19 Jan21

Admission Policy 2022 – 23

Admission Policy 2020-21

Admission Policy 2020-21

Admission Policy 2019-20

Acadamy Update Statement

Accessibility Plan 2020

Anti bullying policy 2020

Attendance and Absence Management Policy 2020

Behaviour and Discipline Policy 2020

Capability Policy and Procedures for teaching staff

Capability Policy and Procedures for support staff

Catch-up Statement

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Catch-up Funding Plan

Charging Policy 2020

Consultation Admission 2021/22

Code of Conduct for Staff 2020

Complaints Policy 2020

Confidential Reporting Policy 2020

Data Protection Policy 2020

DBS Policy

Early Years Policy 2020

Equality Policy 2020

ESafety Policy 2020

First Aid Policy 2020

Governors allowances policy

Governors Statement of Principles of Behaviour

Grievance Policy – Against a Member of Staff

Grievance Policy Process – Against a HT

Grievance Policy Process – Against GB

Grievance Procedure

Gritting Plan 2018

Health and safety policy 2020

Home School Agreement 2019

Lateness Policy

LAC Policy 2020

Lower School Transition Policy

NQT Policy

Outdoor Play Policy

Pay Policy

Policy for Managing Serial and Unreasonable Complaints

Premise Managment Policy 2020

Privacy Notice for Parents

Remote and Home Learning Policy

Safeguarding Policies

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 2020

SEN Policy 2020

Single Equality Scheme 2020

Supporting Pupils with medical conditions

Relationships Education Relationships and Sex Eduication Policy

Weapons Policy and Practice Guidance 2020

Whistle-blowing Policy 2020