Non Negotiables.

These are the non-negotiables we believe we should have in our school. Governors, Staff and parents have all contributed towards these and here is a list of what we believe should be our schools Non-Negotiables.
We will have high standards of teaching and high standards of achievement.

    • We are a Christian, Catholic community dedicated to helping children live, learn and understand their faith and its importance in their lives, their community and the world.
    • We will provide a safe and caring school for pupils and staff where everybody is valued and treated equally.
    • We will treat all pupils equally and give them genuine support to reach their full potential achieving their very best.
    • We will reward and celebrate success but when people are not doing so well, we do not blame, and we encourage and support them.
    • We will respect the views of children, parents and all staff and will give them every opportunity to shape the future of the school.
    • We will maintain the highest possible standards of Attendance, Punctuality and smartness of School Uniforms.
    • We will be a fun school to attend
    • We will be a current & up to date centre of teaching excellence
    • No form of bullying will be tolerated and the school will take all allegations seriously.
    • The school will be open and honest with pupils, staff, parents and our partners in the community.
    • We will have the highest possible standards of teaching, achievement and behaviour.