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Welcome to Year 1/Reception.

Home Learning 

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Reception Phonics

Here at St Patrick’s, We are a Christian community where
love, care and support are reflected in everything we do together. This year, we look forward
to building friendships and learning together whilst having fun and growing in our faith.

Things to remember

PE: All children in our class should come to school on Tuesdays dressed in their full PE kit.
These are not to be brought into school in bags. Please see website for full kit.
Spellings: Spelling Lists will be given to Year 1 pupils each Friday. These are to be kept at
home and learned a little each day. We will have a small spelling test each Friday to see
how well the words are remembered. The words are part of the Year 1 Curriculum and
consist of both words following a rule and common exception words.

Reading Books: Year 1 will begin to take books home from our school reading scheme.
These will be given out in a wallet on a Friday and must be returned along with the wallet
the following Friday. Due to current circumstances, they will be left untouched for a period of
three days before being returned for redistribution. We therefore cannot accept books
returning on other days. We fully encourage independent or shared reading of children’s own
books at home and so if your child reads anything at home themselves, please make a
record of this so that it can be recognised.

Reception Pupils will take home an animal word card with a selection of common exception
words. These are to be kept at home and learned. Once all animal cards are completed and
children are able to recognise the words in any order and in different contexts, they will then
move on to the school reading scheme.


Class Newsletter- Y1 Spring Term 21 Class Newsletter- Reception- Januarydocx

We look forward to a wonderful year.
May Christ Be Seen in Us