Mr Reid – Year 6


Welcome to Year 6.  As the oldest children in the school, we undertake a wide variety of important roles and with this comes a strong sense of responsibility. We are proud to take on the positions of Head and Deputy Head Girl and Boy.  

In addition to our extra responsibilities, we have a very high workload as we strive to ensure we have a sound understanding of everything we have been taught over KS2 and prepare for the curriculum expectations in Secondary School. Although this can be very challenging, the sense of achievement as we move through the year is amazing and very rewarding.

We will be working hard to prepare for the our Key Stage 2 assessments and can’t overestimate the value of support at home.   

However, above all these activities and expectations, we are proud role models for the rest of the school and want to help everyone have as good a time here as we have.

Things to remember

Every Thursday, children need to come to school in their PE kit. This being shorts, a t-shirt, appropriate footwear and a tracksuit.

For the time being, our weekly spellings will be updated on this page every Friday. Children will need to practice these every day in preparation for the test which will take place the following Friday.

Class Newsletter- Miss Hamilton and Mr Reid Y6- January

See below for this week’s spellings- to be tested on the 16th April

  1. explanatory
  2. environment
  3. secretary
  4. jewellery
  5. poisonous
  6. company
  7. desperate
  8. definitely
  9. reference
  10. temperature