50th Anniversary

Passion Play

For St Patrick’s 50th anniversary celebrations Mr Murray, a previous school Headteacher, led one last performance of his ‘Passion play.’ Year 5 and 6 pupils sang and acted their way through the retelling of Jesus’s last days on earth through Holy Week. The performance was fantastic and will be remembered by all who took part and who witnessed it. Many thanks to Mr Murray.

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1970/71 Season.

St Patricks reached the final of the Ancients cup, playing Mandale of Thornaby in the final at Hardwick Junior school , Hardwick. In front of an estimated crowd of 800, St Pats were defeated 2-0.

This photograph was taken by Stephen Bradshaw, whose sister Jackie is on the picture with the Collie, and its at Holy Trinity school after St Pats had beaten them 5-0.

All the goals were scored by Paul Rea.


People on the photo l/r

Jackie Bradshaw, One of the Gallagher’s – not sure which one- , unknown, Stephen Flynn, Bryn Warburton, Simon Hope, Graham Welsh, Dave Todd ( His Mam taught at the school for many years ), Paul Rea, John Waites ( goalie )

Michael Flynn, Steve McGuiness, Martin Quinn, Chris Bates, Another Gallagher, Keith Wright ( from Fairfield school a friend of the Flynn’s) and Paul Cunningham.


Other team players included Joe Hall, Peter Hutchinson, Phillip Cole, Michael Dixon


Steve McGuiness’ Dad provided the transport to the away fixtures. He had a camper van!


The strips were red and white, whilst the shorts and socks were anything from Dundee to Luton.

Des Murray was the manager ; he inherited the team from Peter McGloin.


Our home pitch was Grosvenor road , as the annex was built right in the middle of our pitch around 1968.

St Patricks 1970