First Holy Communion

Our First Holy Communion by Aiden. D and James. P (Year 3)

On Saturday 24th June 2017 we made our First Holy Communion.  This was a very big moment in our lives and one we had been looking forward to for a while. Before entering church,  we were given a small booklet to help us follow the mass.

After entering the church, we had to wait on the benches to get our photo taken on the alter. When everyone had finished getting their photo taken, Father Cooper called us up to get a group photo. Afterwards, we had to wait in the creche for our families to arrive, we were very excited. Then it was our time to shine.  We were all told to take a deep breath.  Each step, we became more and more nervous until we eventually reached our benches.

After finishing the hymn, we sat down and Father Cooper said, “These are the children who will be doing their First Holy Communion.” We continued to listen to Father Cooper while he said some prayers and the Gospel.  Then we were going to get the bread. When we ate the bread we had to put our left hands over our right and say, “Amen” after Father had said, “The Body of Christ.” We then sat down and waited for everyone else to receive Communion.

After mass we went to the school hall to have something to eat and drink.  Then our parents came to pick us up.  This year the new year 3 children will be taking their First Holy Communion and our advice is to not be scared or frightened, but to enjoy it!