• Prayer

    Our school is a sacred place with prayer and care at its heart.

  • Imagination

    Learning through imaginative play, the freedom to explore worlds of your own making.

  • Prayer

    Our school is a sacred place with prayer and care at its heart.

  • Family

    We are all part of God's family and know how to live our school motto.

  • Creativity

    Colour and creativity abound in the Early Years Foundation Stage.

  • Celebration

    We celebrate achievement together.

News & information

Welcome to St Patrick’s RC Primary School from the Headteacher

St. Patrick’s is a popular high achieving school. We offer a welcoming atmosphere for all who visit our school. Our children, staff, parents, governors and parishioners are rightly proud of our school. “May Christ be seen in us,” sums up our mission statement. It encourages us to look for Christ in all those around us, creating a school where gospel values are lived out by all.

Nora Hughes

Our Mission Statement

St. Patrick’s RC Primary School seeks to provide the best in education for its pupils as enshrined in the mission statement (as below).

The School Motto, ‘May Christ be seen in us’, summarises the intent behind our work here at St. Patrick’s. When we are open to Christ we move towards achieving full potential in all things. With this in mind we seek to:

Provide opportunities (to allow for) prayer, worship and liturgy to become meaningful, pivotal and valued aspects of our lives in faith to develop the partnerships among the Home, School, Parish and Community to support and enrich the work of both pupils and staff.

Provide opportunities, a quality curriculum and a sound delivery of programmes of study through which knowledge, skills and understanding will equip our pupils for the responsibilities and experiences of life now and in time to come promote a climate of justice, care, honesty, diligence, respect, tolerance and forgiveness so that children and staff can relate with each other with confidence and to good purpose.


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